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Ezee electric bikes, my first partner for The Sun Trip 2015 : Dragonfly was powered by Ezee brushless motor.

Established in 2001. The firm’s founder, Wai Won Ching, is passionate about making amazing electric bikes. Working with international standards such as ISOEN and CE, Ezee guarantee electric bikes of the highest quality and performance :

« We design complete electric bikes that suit various needs… commuters, adventurers, businesses and more. We source internationally for only the finest bike components to build you a beautiful electric bike that withstands the toughest conditions.

With little in the market that met our expectations of how an electric bike should perform, we went on to design and manufacture our very own electric drive system. Today, our drive system system sets the benchmark in performance and efficiency. Through the years, eZee electric bikes have garnered accolades from industry critics and reviewers. Most of all, our loyal customers can attest to the meaningful difference it has made in their lives.

Together with our international partners and distributors, we actively share our passion for electric bikes and provide the best service experience to all our customers. We believe eZee brings about a more fun and sustainable way to live, we believe the future of mobility is eZee.


During the Suntrip 2015, I was the only competitor « eZee Engine »

This component has been a determining factor in my success in this Suntrip 2015.
I very much appreciated that Wai Won Ching renews me its confidence for the Suntrip 2018.
Our « TwinDragonfly » tandem will be powered with a new eZee motor ZFL 200 specially customised to the requirements of the race with reinforced gears and the removal of the freewheel to allow the operation of our disengageable regeneration system.

With my son Yann we are very happy to have the personnal participation of our motor partner Wai Won Ching on the Suntrip 2018.

He will be riding « The eZee Longabike », designed in collaboration with a French gentleman Mr. Vincent Longagna.


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